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"Come to play, children, over hills, mountains and plains!"

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Educational software PitiClic Relief

Discover the landforms together with PitiClic.

"Hi, I am PitiClic and I am going to show you the map of Romania, with its landforms, that is mountains, hills and plains. If you want us to travel to the mountains, choose brown; we will arrive on the hill by choosing yellow and the green will lead us to the plain. Come to play, children, over hills, mountains and plains! If you play correctly, you will solve the rebus! More surprises are waiting for you: the compass, the camera and the flashlight. Strive to collect them and you will not regret it!"

  • landforms
  • educational games
  • letter games
  • word games
  • mathematic games
  • forms, sizes
  • number games
  • memory games
  • skillfulness games
PitiClic Educational Games PitiClic Educational Games

Observing "The Curriculum for the instructive-educative activities in the kindergarten" and based on modern learning techniques, this CD focuses on the landforms.
"Plain" - the child may choose: "The Maze" which helps him learn additions and subtractions by playing or
"The letter game" which helps him learn the letters.
"Hill" - the child may choose: "The Orchard" - which is a memory and skillfulness game or
"The oil well" - where he has to build an oil pipeline.
"Mountain" - the child has to pass three tests in order to arrive to the chalet where he will receive a letter and a compass.

PitiClic Educational Games PitiClic Educational Games

When finishing a game, the child receives a letter. If he finishes all the games from a landform, he will receive as a bonus an object that will help him in his final journey. The rebus may be completed only after he has collected all the letters from the landforms abovementioned (that is 5 letters). After completing the rebus and discovering the surprise word, he will have access to the final game (the surprise promised at the beginning) where the child will use the objects collected during the game, in order to arrive to the chalet, where many animals will be waiting for him. He will be able to take pictures of them and he will find out information about them.

The CD may be used successfully in different types of activities specific to the preschool education: language education, environmental education, mathematic activities (logic games, pair forming, counting and summing).

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